About MatayaMade


Hello Crafters!

Thank you for visiting my little slice of the internet.
While blogging is my new internet career, I am actually a cook in real life. I am also a crocheter, crafter, tea drinker, and dog mom!

The earliest crafting I can remember was my mum teaching me and my sisters how to cross stitch and knit some VERY basic patterns. (I’m talking those thick plastic grids that you cross stitch with yarn!)

At the time I didn’t really appreciate how useful this introduction would be for me and I carried on with my life kind of forgetting about those skills. So terrible! Just in the past few years I’ve really started back into it and I sure am glad I have.

I made the decision to make my crafting more public with a MatayaMade blog because who isn’t blogging their lives these days?! Ha! But seriously I want to share my projects with my fellow crafters online so that you can either duplicate my projects or use bits and pieces of my ideas to create something all your own.

MatayaMade is a place where you will find crochet projects, stitch tutorials, cross stitch patterns, and a variety of handmade craft ideas. There is a little inspiration for anyone and everyone who wants to make something handcrafted.

One of the biggest advantages of being a crafter would have to be the ability to make gifts for all your friends and family. I love giving someone a cozy handmade blanket or a personalized birthday card. Not to mention, crafting is a great way to relieve stress and wind down after work or a long day. And it is always rewarding to see a completed project and say “I made that!!”.

If crafting sounds like the sort of hobby you need, or if you are already an avid crafter and you’re looking for some new ideas, welcome to MatayaMade 🙂 Have a look around and I hope my projects will inspire you. Better yet, signup for my email list which I promise will only plague you with one newsletter each month!

Feel free to use any (or all!) of my ideas but please give credit to MatayaMade.com if you do!.

Happy Crafting!