3 Ways to Sign Your Projects

Hello Crafters!

We already know that giving and receiving handmade gifts is fun and exciting, to step it up a notch have you tried signing your handmade work?

This week I will show you three easy and beautiful ways to sign your own crocheted, sewn, and handcrafted projects!

Make a tag with bias tape:

(Best for crochet / knit items that you cannot sew directly onto)

This method requires you to do a little bit of free-hand sewing. But don’t be alarmed! Just sketch out your design with pencil and sew over top of it using back-stitch (or whatever stitch you find easiest to use).

sign your projects

Unfold the bias tape and choose one of the middle sections to do your sewing on.

sign your projects

Mark out your design (or just start sewing if you are brave!). I used a simple back-stitch for this tag.

personalized tag

Fold the bias tape back into a single strip and fold in half to make a tag. Simply sew the edge onto the edge of your finished project (blanket, pillow, scarf, etc.)

Sew directly onto your project using cross stitch:

This method is awesome for your cross stitch projects because the cross stitch font will blend perfectly with your existing cross stitch design. It would always work great for any embroidery project or really anything on fabric that you can sew onto!

I have provided two difference cross stitch fonts for you to use. Simply subscribe to my monthly newsletter to gain access to the download.

Cross Stitch Font

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Get a Personalized Stamp

This is probably one of my favourite gifts that I bought for myself (we all deserve to buy ourselves gifts every now and then!) Make up whatever design you want, you can be totally creative and think outside the box.

Then send it off to a stamp maker and get your awesome personalized stamp in the mail and start stamping everything! I especially love using my stamp for birthday cards and the backs of all of my paintings 🙂

personalized stamp

I got my stamp on Amazon.ca (here’s the exact link) but there are loads of great options on Etsy and other sites. Just Google search ‘personalized stamps’ and pick whatever option suits you.

How do you personalize your projects? I would love to hear some of your great ideas in the comments below.

Happy Crafting!



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