One Day Crochet Winter Hat

Hello crafters!

I’m so excited to share this one day winter hat with you! I’m putting my current projects on hold to make this crochet project for myself 🙂 My current winter hat is scratchy and not very warm so when I saw this colourful cozy yarn I knew I had to buy it. Plus it’s hard to feel guilty buying more yarn when it’s for a purpose!

Realistically this one day hat can be made in about 3 hours but I’ve factored in tea breaks 🙂

One Day Crochet Winter Hat Supplies:

  • Loops & Threads Charisma in ‘Mulberry Bush’ (You will need just over 2 balls to make this hat but if you don’t want the fold-over ribbing then you can probably get away with one ball)
  • 6.5 mm crochet hook (the yarn’s label says 8mm but I wanted a tighter stitch to keep out the cold)
  • yarn needle


  1. After the ribbing part of the hat is complete, the rest of the hat will be worked in rounds.
  2. Each round ends with a slip stitch and begins with a chain 1 unless otherwise specified.

Stitches Used:

  • sc2tog : single crochet two together (explained below)
  • BLO: back loops only
  • crossedsc : crossed single crochet (explained below)
  • ss : slip stitch
  • sc : single crochet

Part 1: The Ribbing

This pattern starts with the ribbed part of the hat. I like the ribbing because it make the stitches extra stretchy for ultimate comfort. I wanted to be able to fold the ribbed part up over my ears so that it will be double-layered so you will realize that the ribbed section seems extra long.

To start I chained 18 stitches. If you don’t want to fold the bottom of your hat over then you can just chain 10 stitches.

Single crochet into each stitch in the back loops only (BLO)

Turn. Chain 1. Continue with this pattern until the ribbed part fits comfortably around your head. Remember that the ribbing is stretchy and the hat will stretch out slightly with wear so make it a bit more on the snug side.

crochet winter hat

When you are satisfied with the thickness of the ribbed section fold the two ends together and single crochet into the BLO

crochet winter hat

Once your ends are connected, double check that it fits your head properly because this is the time to add or remove rows for the perfect fit.


Part 2: The Body

Turn your work so that you are working along the edge of the ribbing. Single crochet evenly around the edge.

*Tip* for crocheting evenly around the edge. I crocheted into the top of each ridge and in either space beside it as I have shown with pins in this photo. (Sorry it’s a bit blurry, I need to work on my photography skills!)

crochet winter hat

When you get back to the first single crochet stitch slip stitch into it.

I would suggest putting a marker into this stitch just so you can keep track of where the beginning of the row is. You don’t need any fancy markers; I use a bent paperclip or a bobby pin most of the time and they seem to work fine 🙂

Round 1: Chain 1. Work one single crochet in each stitch around.

Round 2:  [Skip one stitch and work a single crochet into the next stitch. Go back and single crochet into the stitch that you just skipped.] This is called a crossed single crochet stitch. Work these all the way around.

Crochet Winter Hat
Skip one single crochet and single crochet into the next stitch (white pin)
Crochet Winter Hat
Go back and single crochet in the stitch that you skipped (white pin)

Round 3:  Single crochet in each stitch around.

Round 4: Crossed sc around.

Round 5: In this row you will need to work 4 sc2tog evenly around. The rest of the stitches will just be regular single crochet. Everybody’s hat will be different since it is measured specifically to your head so I can’t give you a count of when to so the sc2tog but if you just work one into each quarter of the round then you will be fine!

To sc2tog simple work a single crochet like normal but instead of yarning over and pulling through keep both loops on the hook. Then insert your hook into the next stitch (white pin) YO and pull through all the loops on the hook:

crochet winter hatcrochet winter hat

Round 6: Crossed sc around.

Round 7: This round will need to have 6 sc2tog worked evenly around and the rest of the stitches will be sc

Round 8: sc around adding 6 sc2tog

Round 9: sc around adding 10 sc2tog

Round 10: [work 2 sc, 1sc2tog] repeat.

Round 11: [1sc, 1sc2tog] This round is continued around until you only have 5 or 6 stitches remaining. Just work it continuously without chain 1 or ss at beginning or end of round.

Part 3: Finishing

Cut your yarn leaving a 5-6 inch tail.

crochet winter hat

Using a yarn needle, weave the yarn through your last few stitches then back through the original loop and pull tight!

crochet winter hatcrochet winter hat

Congratulations! You just made yourself a cozy winter hat! And it took no time at all right?!

Optional: pompom or other cool accessories 🙂

crochet winter hat

Find a printable PDF pattern on the Members Page. Simply subscribe to MatayaMade newsletter to gain access 🙂

Please comment below with questions or comments!

Happy crafting!




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