Flower Pot Diffuser

Hello crafters!

I’m sure most of you already have lots of homemade goodies to make your home cozy and relaxing (we are crafters after all!) but have you given any thought to another area where you probably spend quite a bit of time? That’s right people I’m talking about your car! There is no need to limit our crafting obsession to the household yay!

This flower pot oil diffuser is the perfect project to start accessorizing your car with. It is super easy to make and costs only a few dollars in supplies, plus look how cute it is! Not to mention it will infuse your car with soothing all natural essential oils πŸ™‚

*You will need some basic crochet knowledge to finish this project*

Flower Pot Diffuser Supplies

  • Mini flower pot (I recommend terra cotta because its porous properties help the essential oils diffuse.
  • 3 crochet mini flowers which you can make with last week’s tutorial here
  • Small amount of felt in green or brown
  • 3 toothpicks
  • Green yarn or embroidery thread
  • White glue
  • Small sponge
  • Sewing needle
  • Some additional crochet thread if you want to make the macrame holder

Assembling your flower pot diffuser:

Cutting the sponge

Cut your sponge to fit as snugly as possible inside your flower pot. Trim little bits and pieces if you have to! It doesn’t matter if it is ugly because by the time we are done you won’t even see the sponge.

flower pot diffuser

Adding the felt

Once the sponge is cut to size trace the edge of your flower pot onto your felt. Cut out the circle of felt and set it aside. Put a small circle of glue around the edge of the sponge and glue the felt on top.

flower pot diffuser

Assembling the flowers

I cut my toothpicks to different heights to give my flowers some dimension but that is a totally optional step. Once you are satisfied with the length of your toothpicks get your white glue and spread a thin layer around the whole toothpick.

Take your embroidery thread (don’t divide the strands, just use the whole thread) and wrap it around the toothpick starting at the top. Only wrap the thread up to the part of the toothpick that will be going into the sponge. The part of the toothpick that will be hidden in the sponge will poke in better if it doesn’t have thread on it.

Once your toothpick is wrapped sew the end onto the back of the flower with a few simple wrap around stitches. Use the white glue to seal in any ends that might be poking out.

flower pot diffuser

Repeat with your remaining flowers.

Now poke your flowers into the sponge and you’re done!

Depending on the sharpness of your toothpicks you might need to poke little holes in your felt with some sharp scissors to help the toothpicks push through.

flower pot diffuser

How to make the macrame holder for your flower pot diffuser

The macrame holder is a little addition that I wanted to try out because I have seen a ton of really cool macrame plant pot holders online and I’ve been curious as to how they are made. This is extremely basic because I just kind of guessed at what I was doing but if you want to look up some macrame designs or if you already know some macrame knots go crazy!

Start with 8 strands of crochet thread. Make them the length that you want your hanger to be plus about an inch.

Tie a simple knot at the very end of your thread.

flower pot diffuser

Section off your threads into pairs. Tie each pair together. This knot is going to be at the top rim of your flower pot so keep that in mind when you are deciding how far down to tie the knot. I put mine about halfway down the thread.

flower pot diffuser

You want the next knots to be around the middle of your flower pot. Take one strand from one pair and tie it with one strand from the next pair like this:

flower pot diffuser

Do this all the way around so that all of your threads are tied together.

To finish measure the thread against your flower pot and tie all the strands together with one big knot that ends up in the center of the bottom of your pot:

flower pot diffuser

That was easy right? While you have your supplies on hand you might as well make a few extra because these little guys can go anywhere, don’t just limit them to the car! They would also make adorable gifts πŸ™‚

flower pot diffuser

How to use your flower pot diffuser:

Simply put 5-6 drops of your favourite essential oil at the base of the flowers on the felt. (I’m currently using eucalyptus πŸ™‚ ) The oils will seep through the felt into the sponge and from the sponge they will gradually seep out of the terra cotta pot diffusing the scent throughout your car!

The scent lasts about 7-10 days so you might want to keep a stash of essential oils in your glove box for easy refills πŸ™‚

Here are a few suggestions for essential oils that you could use :

flower pot diffuser

Lemongrass: calms nervousness, eliminates mental fatigue

Lavender:Β stress-reliever

Cypress:Β energizing and refreshing

Eucalyptus: Make your car feel like a spa πŸ™‚ Invigorating and cooling.

Blended essential oils are always a great option for diffusing as well!

I hope you enjoyed making this as much as I did!

Please comment below with questions, comments or ideas πŸ™‚

Happy crafting!



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