Monster Baby Blanket Part One

Hello Crafters!

This Monster Baby Blanket idea was in my head for a while before I finally brought it to life. I had lots of other projects on the go and I was trying to wrap up some projects before starting a new one. That’s the typical crafter life but I’m sure you all understand that!

This project is surprisingly simple but it does require a few different steps to get you to the final product which is why I’m dividing this tutorial into two parts.

Part One of this tutorial will show you:

  • How to crochet with multiple colours at once
  • How to crochet an image following a chart
  • FREE chart download for my subscribers 🙂

The first step to completing your monster baby blanket is to head over to my colour change tutorial where I will show you how to keep multiple colours running through your project. Practice that technique with some scrap yarn and once you have an understanding of that head back over here to get started with your blanket!

This is the image we will be using for our monster baby blanket! But really any charted image could be used with great results.

monster baby blanket

For the free downloadable chart head over to the members page. 

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Choosing Your Monster Blanket Colours

As with any crochet project you can use whatever colours you can imagine! I changed up my colour choices after creating this chart so my monster is a blue/green tie dye but of course I encourage you to get creative with your own project.

*Just a little side note* All of the white squares on the chart are to be worked in brown (or whatever background colour you have chosen) but I just left them white on the download so it is easier to read the chart.

Yarn Used for My Monster Baby Blanket

  • [main monster colour]  RedHeart Super Saver in “Monet Print”
  • [white]  Bernat Super Value in “Natural”
  • [black]  Loops and Threads Impeccable in “Charcoal Tweed”
  • [brown background] Bernat Premiun Tweeds in “Chocolate Tweed”

Creating Your Monster Blanket Image

To crochet your monster image you will only need to use single crochet, yay! 🙂 The pattern starts with a chain of 90 stitches. Then work 11 rows in the background colour as shown in the chart.

Once you have your 11 rows completed, mark the front side of your work so you don’t get confused. I simply poked a paper clip onto the front. This will come in handy when you lose track of where you are and need to get reoriented.

As you read the chart the first row will be read right to left like you normally crochet but once you do one row you will turn your work which means the next row of the pattern will be read left to right. Each time you turn your work and start a new row you will need to switch the direction in which you are reading the chart. To keep track of what direction you are working you can mark a little arrow on the side of your chart each time you start a new row.

How to keep your place on your chart

  • Use a ruler to follow along on each row
  • Cross off each row as you complete it
  • Mark small arrows beside each row to indicate direction of work
  • Each small block on the chart is five by five stitches
  • Remember when you are working single crochet the turning chain at the end of the row does not count as a stitch

monster baby blanket

I kept all of the colours running through the project until I wasn’t going to use that colour anymore and then I trimmed it off and kept working over the tail until it was covered. If you feel like there are a lot of stitches before you will need to use that colour again you can always trim it off and reattach the colour again later when you need it.

Once your monster is finished it should look something like this:

monster baby blanket

Congratulations! You finished part one of the monster baby blanket 🙂

Now block this piece of work and give yourself a pat on the back! Head over here for part two of the monster baby blanket where I will show you how to finish the blanket and how to complete edging.

As always comment below with questions or concerns or you can always email me at

Happy crafting!


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