Steering Wheel Cover

Hello crafters,

I’ve been looking for ways to accessorize my car lately and one thing I’ve really been on the lookout for is the perfect steering wheel cover. All I can seem to find are boring black covers and my steering wheel is so frozen in the mornings that I finally decided to just crochet my own cozy steering wheel cover 🙂

Making a steering wheel cover for your own car is so simple! I only used single crochet and slip stitches to create this one!

Supplies you will need to make a steering wheel cover

  • Loops and Thread Kaleidoscope in “Peridot”
  • Crochet hook size 7mm

You can use whatever yarn or hook size you would like to make your steering wheel cover. This pattern is simply single crochet worked up until it is the correct size.

Measuring your steering wheel

The first thing you need to do is measure your steering wheel. The steering wheel cover needs to be exactly the right size so that it stretches around the wheel enough to hold it on tightly.

You will need to take two measurements :

  • The distance around the entire outside of the wheel (blue)
  • The thickness of the wheel (red)

steering wheel cover

Once you have your measurements ready you will need to chain on enough stitches to equal the first measurement that you took (distance around the entire wheel)

Then chain 1 and single crochet across. Once you have completed the first row of single crochet you will want to head out to your car and double check that you have done enough stitches to just stretch around the wheel. Don’t wait until you’ve done more than one row like I did or you will need to unravel a lot of stitches when you finish the entire cover and find out that it is too loose.

Once you are satisfied with the length of your cover continue to make rows of single crochet back and forth until the width of your rectangle matches the measurement of the thickness around the wheel minus one centimeter. For example; if the width of your wheel is four centimeters then you want to make your cover three centimeters across.

You want it to be a little bit smaller than the thickness of the wheel because the cover will not go completely around the wheel.

Finishing your steering wheel cover

Once your rectangle is the right size simply hold the ends together and slip stitch them closed. Before you tie off your yarn test the steering wheel cover on your steering wheel one last time to make sure it is the perfect fit!

steering wheel cover


steering wheel cover

I would love to hear from you below in the comment section if you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello!

Happy crafting!



  1. Rheanon

    Oh how wonderful!! This is simply darling. Have you run into any issues with it slipping aroud the wheel while turning, or is it nice and snug enough to not require any additional grip tape?

    Thanks so much for the fun idea.

    • I’m so happy you like it! I have noticed that after about a week of use it does slip a bit. It was fine for the first week but the yarn did stretch so I would recommend really making it as small as possible so that when it wears in it will still be a snug fit! I think maybe a cotton yarn would work better as it has a little bit less stretch to it.

  2. Loyce

    Your instructions are very simple except I am 80 and live in America and use inches and feet not centimeters. Also I am hoping I can make this the right size for the auto I am making it for since this is a Christmas present for a friend’s grandson and I don’t have access to the auto it is for. Any suggestions on these two problems.

    • Hello Loyce!
      Thank you so much for your comment! Using the average steering wheel size of most cars I would make the circumference (the first number that I calculated in the tutorial) somewhere between 45 and 55 inches. The second number (around the grip of the steering wheel) should be between 3 and 4 inches. Following my instructions to remove one inch from the measurement you would want to make it between 2 and 3 inches.
      I would suggest sewing some elastic around the inside edges to make it a little bit more flexible in size.
      I hope this helps!

  3. Loyce

    That does help tremendously. Thank you for your help. Since I am making this for a gift i couldn’t ask the person that owns the vehicle for the measurements. Again Thank you.

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