Migraine Relief Salve

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As always the spring weather is a making time fly by! It feels like we just celebrated Mother’s Day and now we are a week away from Father’s Day!

I can’t really buy anything for my dad because he already has everything he needs so I figured I would make him something that he wouldn’t think to buy. My dad suffers from migraines and sometimes they are so bad he has to turn off all the lights and go and lie down in silence. I really wanted to give him a solution and I love finding new essential oil home remedies so I started looking up which essential oils are beneficial for migraine relief.

I whipped up this migraine relief salve using just essential oils, coconut oil and a touch of beeswax to firm it up a bit.

Ingredients you will need for your migraine relief salve

migraine relief salve

  • Coconut oil……………10tbsp
  • Beeswax…………………1 tbsp
  • Eucalyptus…………….2 drops
  • Lavender………………..4  drops
  • Frankincense…………4  drops
  • Peppermint……………10  drops
  • Lemongrass…………..4 drops

Making your salve

Making this migraine salve couldn’t be easier! All you need is a small dish to mix in, a spoon, your ingredients and a small air tight jar to store your salve.

Start by measuring your 10 tbsp of coconut oil into the dish. Then add your 1 tbsp of beeswax to the coconut oil. Simply heat the two together in the microwave at 30 second intervals until melted. You will want to break the beeswax up a little bit with your spoon before heating because it takes longer than the coconut oil to melt so if you leave it in one piece it will take a lot more heating time.

migraine relief salve

Once you have melted your oil and wax together simply drop your essential oils into the mix. Give the whole thing a good stir to make sure the oils are evenly distributed.

Pour your salve into a jar and leave it out to set. If you are in a rush you can leave the jar in the fridge with the lid resting on top so that it can set faster.

migraine relief salve

Benefits of essential oils for migraines

I picked each one of these essential oils specifically to benefit people with a migraine. Of course I’m not a doctor, I just researched essential oil benefits and these ones seemed best suited to this salve. Feel free to experiment with your own amounts and types of essential oils to make this salve your own!


Eucalyptus cleanses the body of toxins and clears out the sinuses relieving pressure that may be the cause of your headache. This amazing oil can also soothe upset stomachs which some people have as a side effect of their migraines. The smell of eucalyptus always makes me think of the spa so that is an added bonus 🙂


A lot of migraines and headaches are caused by tension and stress. Perhaps the most well known oil for stress relief and relaxation, lavender oil is a definite must in this salve.


Frankincense has very strong anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an excellent choice for headache relief. Some sources even say that putting a drop on the roof of your mouth instantly relieves headaches but I think I will stick to using my salve!


Peppermint cools your skin instantly which can provide some immediate relief. Peppermint also promotes blood circulation and will be a huge help with tension headaches.


Just like lavender the scent of lemongrass can be very soothing and calming. It has a mild sedative effect which can help you sleep off that migraine! Lemongrass is also an all-natural analgesic (pain-reliever) 🙂

Using your migraine relief salve

Simply rub a small amount of salve on your temples and forehead when you have a headache or feel one coming on!

migraine relief salve

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