Twine Scrubbies

Hello crafters!

Patterns for crochet scrubbies are turning up all over the internet! Not only is crochet (and crafting in general) becoming more popular but a lot of people are trying to shift to a more eco-friendly zero waste lifestyle. Making your own reusable scrubbies is a great way to reduce waste and save yourself a trip to the store 🙂

I love the new scrubby yarns that are coming out and they definitely do the trick if you want some handmade dish accessories but these yarns aren’t the cheapest so if you are like me and you want to be a little more eco-friendly but you also want to be wallet friendly you will love these twine scrubbies!

I purchased my twine from the dollar store for $1.25 and it made me four of these scrubbies; making them 31 cents each! Now that’s a great price!

Supplies you will need to make your twine scrubbies

  • Crochet hook (I used 5mm but it will depend what thickness of twine you have)
  • Twine

Twine scrubbies pattern

I have done my tutorial photos with regular yarn just because it is easier to see the stitches. I used this exact pattern with the twine and it worked perfectly 🙂

Make magic ring.

Round 1. Make a magic ring. Chain 3. (double crochet into ring, ch1)Repeat bolded brackets until you have 8 double crochet stitches. Close magic ring. Slip stitch to 2nd chain from chain 3 at beginning of round.

Round 2. Slip stitch into first space. Chain 2. Work one double crochet but only pull through first two loops. Repeat 2 mores times until you have 4 loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through all 4 loops. This is your first cluster stitch!

twine scrubbies

(Chain 2. Work a double crochet in the next chain space only pulling through the first two loops. Repeat 3 times until you have 5 loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through all 5 loops.) Repeat bolded brackets until end of round. Slip stitch into top of chain 1 from beginning of round.

twine scrubbies

Round 3. Chain 1. Single crochet 3 stitches in each space and 2 stitches in top of each cluster. (The two yellow marks show where to place your two stitches on the top of each cluster) Tie off and weave in end.

There it is!

This project is pretty easy but I do have a couple of tips for working with twine:

  • Try to keep your stitches loose because the twine has absolutely no stretch so it can be tricky to work stitches in if you make it too tight.
  • Keep your beverages out of the range of all the flying fibers or you will drink a mouthful of fluff!
twine scrubbies

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please comment below with any questions or thoughts 🙂

Happy crafting!

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