Double Crochet V-Stitch

Hello fellow crafters!

I figure I’ll start my blog off with a simple but beautiful crochet stitch that anyone can do!

All you need to make this stitch is basic crochet knowledge (double crochet and chain stitch), some beautiful yarn, and inspiration for how you want to use it!

I used this particular pattern to make pillows for an old, extremely uncomfortable wooden chair. But it would make a great potholder or a beautiful blanket that would work up super quickly! I would love to hear about what you’re creating with this tutorial in the comments section!

Let’s begin!!

Start with an EVEN number of chain stitches.

I did 16 chain stitches.

DC into fourth chain from the hook. Chain 1.
Skip next chain and DC twice into next chain (marked with red dot).
Continue the (Skip 1, 2DC in next) pattern to the end of the row.
Attach new colour (if desired). Chain 2. DC in between the first and second DC from previous row.
2DC into next DC cluster (marked with red dot).
Continue to the end of the row.
I did another purple row to demonstrate how the pattern starts to work up after a few rows!


There you have it!

With this pattern it’s very easy to be creative! You can use all one colour to make a nice textured look. Use just two contrasting colours to make more of eye-catching zigzag, or even alternate colours every row to make a crazy colourful creation!

Use this pattern however you want and feel free to post your creations into the comments below or ask me any questions if you find yourself getting stuck on any of the steps!

Happy Crafting!


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