Constellation Dreamcatcher

Hello crafters!

I know I already shared a dream catcher tutorial with you but I’m totally obsessed! Might as well take advantage while the trend is still happening 🙂 This week I decided to try a little spin on the regular dream catcher style and make a personalized constellation galaxy dream catcher. I used the Sagittarius constellation because that is my star sign but you can use any constellation you would like. Even make one up if you would like, no one will know and I won’t tell!

Supplies to make constellation dreamcatcher:

  • Some sort of hoop ( I deconstructed a tomato plant support)
  • Thread for the constellation if desired (see Step 1)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wax paper
  • Galaxy coloured yarn (I used Red Heart Stellar in ‘Deep Space’)
  • Beads of your choice (I used a combination of seed beads and galaxy beads that I made last week click here to see how to make those beads)
  • Fishing line

Step 1 : Creating the constellation

Draw out your chosen design on a piece of white paper. Lay the wax paper over top of the drawing and tape the two papers together so they won’t move.

Constellation Dreamcatcher

Gently squeeze a thin line of hot glue over the design. At this point I pressed some silver thread into the glue but by the end I decided to paint the glue gold anyway so the fact that I used the thread was kind of pointless. What I’m saying is, the thread is not necessary if you plan to paint the glue like I did but if you have a nice thread you can use and you don’t want to paint it then that will work too!

Galaxy Dreamcatcher

Let your design dry and gently peel off of the paper.

Step 2 : Threading the dreamcatcher

I threaded some white yarn around my hoop before I started to thread the dreamcatcher for two reasons. One: I wanted the rim of the dreamcatcher to be thicker and two: it gives the yarn something to grip onto when you thread the dreamcatcher.

Constellation Dreamcatcher

To see how I thread the dreamcatcher check out my other dreamcatcher tutorial here.

Step 3 : Attaching the constellation

Continue to thread the dreamcatcher around until the space in the middle is about the same size as your constellation.

Lay your constellation down on top of woven part of the dreamcatcher. Use a dab of hot glue to connect each of the points of the constellation to the dreamcatcher. On top of each dab of glue sprinkle some GLITTER 🙂 to mark where each of the stars of the constellation are.

If you need to, continue weaving the dreamcatcher until all the points of the constellation can be connected.

After this step was complete I painted the constellation gold.

Step 4 : Wrap the hoop

Use whatever pretty galaxy yarn you chose to wrap the hoop. Secure the end with a dab of hot glue.

Constellation Dreamcatcher

I also used to galaxy yarn to make a few braids and twists which I attached in Step 5 below:

Step 5 : Accessorize 🙂

When I made my bead strings I used fishing line because its stiffness makes it really easy to thread the seed beads onto it.  I used a combination of seed beads and my clay galaxy beads. Once the bead string is complete simply put a dab of hot glue on the end to seal the beads onto the fishing line.

Constellation Dreamcatcher

Get creative with the accessorizing. I’m sure you can find all sorts of glittery / colourful / galatic odds and ends around the house!

I would love to read your questions, comments, concerns, and/or ideas in the comments below! Please don’t be shy!

Happy crafting!


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