Chakra Rocks

Hello Crafters!

Gosh, I have really been focusing on the handcrafted projects lately. But don’t be alarmed there are plenty of crochet projects going on behind the scenes which I will be revealing to you guys very soon!

I love projects that double as home decor, these chakra rocks will brighten up any bookshelf or window sill and they can even been used as part of your yoga practice if you want to lay them out beside your mat to really inspire a zen mood!

Now some people might find this whole chakra business to be a bunch of hooey. If you’re just here to paint some pretty rocks feel free to scroll down to the beginning of the tutorial 🙂

A little background about the chakras before we begin painting our rocks:

The whole basis of chakras is that they are the seven energy centers within our body. Starting at your tailbone and ending with the crown of your head. These energy centers spin (ideally) all at the same speed creating a balance in our bodies and minds. If one or more of your chakras is off it can create an unhealthy unbalance in the body.

Chakras can be balanced by nutrition, exercise, and meditation. Each chakra has its own group of things to keep it healthy. (I won’t get into too much detail but try looking up healthy foods/activities for each chakra if you are interested).

First Chakra : ROOT Chakra

  • Sanskrit Name: Muladhara
  • Location: base of the spine
  • Colour : Red

Root Chakra

Second Chakra : SACRAL Chakra

  • Sanskrit Name: Svadhishana
  • Location: right below the belly button
  • Colour : Orange

Sacral Chakra

Third Chakra : Solar Plexus

  • Sanskrit Name : Manipura
  • Location : center of belly button to the base of the ribs
  • Colour : Yellow

Chakra Rocks

Fourth Chakra : HEART Chakra

  • Sanskrit Name : Anahata
  • Location : heart
  • Colour : Green

Chakra Rocks

Fifth Chakra : THROAT Chakra

  • Sanskrit Name : Vishuddha
  • Location : throat
  • Colour : Blue

Chakra Rocks

Sixth Chakra : Third Eye

  • Sanskrit Name : Ajna
  • Location : between the eyebrows
  • Colour : Indigo

Chakra Rocks

Seventh Chakra : CROWN Chakra

  • Sanskrit Name : Sahaswara
  • Location : top of the head
  • Colour : Purple

Chakra Rocks

Painting Your Chakra Rocks:

I started my rocks by dabbing the end of a pencil in the paint and dotting it on to make sort of a paint splatter effect. You could also sponge it on, drizzle the paint, or simply paint the entire rock. I wanted to keep some of the natural pretty rock colour which is why I chose the method that I did.

Chakra Rocks

Once you have your colours all sorted out let your rocks dry completely before the next step.

Chakra Symbols:

A simple Google or Pinterest search will provide you with plenty of images of the chakra symbols. Some are pretty stylized which could be difficult to paint onto your rocks. I drew out my own designs that are a bit more simplified. Feel free to use my designs for your rocks.

Chakra Symbols


Once you have painted your chakra symbols you just need to protect your hard work. Use mod podge or thinned out glue to seal your rocks. I used some clear matte finish spray paint that I had and it worked great!

Chakra Rocks

Namasté and happy crafting!

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