Flower Center Granny Square

Hello Crafters!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a crochet tutorial. If you’ve been following my tutorials you will have noticed that my projects are kind of all over the map with painting, crafting, sewing, etc. But if I’m being honest with myself crochet is probably my favourite craft of them all, or maybe it’s just my yarn obsession that is making me say that heehee 🙂

This week I’m sharing a simple granny square with an easy flower center. This square is going to pop up later in another tutorial as it is part of a bigger project so keep in touch if you want to see what I made from these granny squares!

If you use the yarn and hook size that I used the squares will block out to 5-inch by 5-inch squares.

Things You Will Need:

  • 4.25mm crochet hook
  • RedHeart Soft in “Mid Blue”
  • Bernat Softee Baby in “Antique White”
  • Bernat Baby Sport in “Baby Yellow”

Codes you will need to know for this tutorial

Beg Cluster (Beginning Cluster) : ch3, *yo, insert hook into ch1 sp. yo, pull through, yo, pull thru 2 loops on hook, Repeat from * 3 times. yo, pull through 5 loops on hook.

Cluster : *yo, insert hook into ch1 sp. yo, pull thru, yo, pull thru 2 loops. Repeat 4 times, yo, pull through 6 loops on hook.

Crossed DC (Crossed Double Crochet) : Skip 1 HDC, DC in next HDC, DC in skipped HDC.

BLO : Crochet in the Back Loops Only


Normally you would crochet through both of the loops at the top of the stitch. Crocheting in the Back Loops Only means that you only insert your hook into the one loop that is marked with the red line in this photo.

Round 1:

(yellow) Make a magic ring. ch4 (DC in ring, ch1) x 7

flower center granny square

Round 2:

(white) ss into ch1 sp. Beg cluster. Ch5 Cluster, ch5. Repeat to end. (8 clusters total)

flower center granny square

Round 3:

(blue) ss into ch5 sp. ch3 (2DC, ch2, 3DC) in same space. 4DC in next ch5 sp. *(3DC, ch2, 3DC) in next ch5 sp. 4DC in next space. rpt from * 2 times. join with a ss.

flower center granny square

Round 4:

(yellow) ch2, HDC in each st. BLO. In each corner work (2HDC, ch2, 2HDC)

flower center granny square

Round 5:

(yellow) ss into next HDC, ch3, DC back into join at end of previous round. Do 1 crossed DC. For corners work(DC, ch2, DC)

flower center granny square

You should end up with:  28 crossed DC / 8DC / 4 ch2 spaces.

Round 6:

(blue) ch2, work 16 HDC in BLO on each side. For corners work (2HDC, ch2, 2HDC)

flower center granny square


Blocking is super important for all crochet and knit projects but it’s especially important for granny squares. If you want to connect your granny squares you will have a much easier time if they are already all stretched out to be the same size. These particular squares ended up being 5-inch squares by the time I blocked them.


Blocking is really simple but produces beautiful results. I used a yoga mat that is already scratched up and I folded it up to make an extra thick pad. Then I measured out a 5-inch square and simply pinned my damp granny squares to it putting a pin in each corner, each edge, and the center of the square.

Thank you for checking out this tutorial! I would love to hear about the projects that you create with these squares. Please post your comments below if you want to share or if you have any questions!

Happy crafting!


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