Tulip Stitch

Hello crafters, let me introduce you to the Tulip Stitch!

I love this stitch. I used it about a year ago to make my sister a blanket for Christmas and it turned out great! It looks like a difficult stitch because lets face it, you’re creating tiny flowers! But believe me you will be shocked at how simple this stitch is to learn and it works up very quickly so it’s great for a blanket or scarf if you don’t have a huge chunk of time.

For this tutorial I used Bernat Super Value Yarn. It’s on the more affordable side of the soft yarns so it’s the perfect choice for those bigger projects. (I apologize in advance for some blurry photos; I was trying to do some nighttime photography 🙁 )

For my sister’s Tulip Stitch blanket I used these yarns and a 3.25mm hook :

  • Loops and Threads Woolike in “Navy Blue”
  • Loop and Threads Woolike in “Olive”
  • Loop and Threads in Woolike in “Mauve”
  • Loops and Threads in Woolike in “Rose”

Yarn used for this tutorial (5mm hook):

  • Bernat Super Value in “Fern”
  • Bernat Super Value in “Redwood Heather”
  • Bernat Super Value in “Soft Grey”

Step 1 (Background Colour):

To start the pattern you need a few rows of single crochet. Chain multiples of 3 + 2 stitches in your background colour.

Single crochet into each chain starting with the second chain from the hook.

Chain 1. Turn. Single crochet into each stitch.

You should have something that looks like this:

Tulip Stitch

Step 2 (Green Leaves):

Attach your green yarn and ch2.

Tulip Stitch

Skip one stitch, (DC, ch1, DC) into next stitch. (Indicated with pin)

Tulip Stitch

Tulip Stitch

(Skip 2 st. 1DC / ch1 / 1DC in same space.) Repeat to end.

When you reach the end of the row skip one stitch and work 1DC in last stitch.

Step 3 (Flower Colour) :

Attach flower colour, turn, ch2.

Tulip Stitch

5DC popcorn inside ch1 space of previous row.

Tulip StitchTulip Stitch

To work the 5DC popcorn stitch make 5DC in the same space. Remove your hook and insert it into the top of the first DC and the fifth DC stitch, pull loop through so that you have one loop on your hook.

Ch2. Repeat the popcorn stitch into each of the green ‘v’ working 2 chain stitches between each popcorn.

Tulip Stitch

When you reach the end of the row ch1 and DC into the last stitch.

Step 4 (Background Colour) :

Return to the base colour, work 1SC between the last flower and the DC stitch. Work 3SC between each flower. When you reach the end of the row work 1SC in between the last flower and the CH2.

CH1. Turn. Work 1SC into each stitch. You can repeat this for as many rows as you want as long as it is a multiple of 2 rows to make sure the popcorn stitch will be facing the right way for each row of flowers.

That’s it!

Tulip Stitch

Let me know what you created with this beautiful stitch in the comments below!

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