Crossed Half Double Crochet

Hello Crafters!

I love the Crossed Half Double Crochet stitch! It is simple and quick and it produces a pretty cool result that some people even compare to the look of a knitted project.

I used the Crossed Half Double Crochet stitch in these cute flower granny squares a couple of weeks ago and now I’m going to show you how to work this stitch on its own to make a larger piece.

Crossed Half Double Crochet is usually labelled as ‘crossed HDC’ in patterns.

To do this stitch you will need to know half double crochet and how to chain and that’s it!

If you don’t know the half double crochet stitch don’t panic 🙂 I’ll show you how to do that below. Let’s get started!

Crossed Half Double Crochet

To begin you will need to chain an even number of stitches. I am doing 30 just for tutorial purposes but just chain whatever you need for your project as long as it’s a multiple of 2.

ROW 1:

Once you have your chain ready, HDC into the 3rd chain from the hook.

crossed half double crochet

To work a HDC: yarn over (YO) and insert your hook into the chain. YO and pull a loop through so that you have 3 loops on your hook. YO and pull through all loops on your hook. That’s a HDC! Basically the same as a double crochet but instead of yarning over and pulling through only two loops you pull through all three loops.

crossed half double crochet

Continue across the row working one HDC into each stitch.

When you reach the end of the row ch2 and turn over your work.

ROW 2:

Skip one stitch and HDC into the next stitch. (indicated with pin)

crossed half double crochet

Work one HDC back into the stitch that you just skipped. That’s one crossed HDC stitch!

crossed half double crochet

Continue with this pattern until the end of the row.

When you reach the end of the row work 1 HDC into the last stitch.

crossed half double crochet

Ch 2. Turn work.

ROW 3:

Some people will work a row of just HDC in between each row of Crossed HDC but it is not necessary to make the stitch work. I chose to make each row crossed HDC except for the initial starting row.

So basically you can alternate row 1 and row 2 or just continue on with the row 2 pattern for the rest of your project.

And that’s it! Pretty simple right?

This stitch is great for a cozy blanket but I think it would also make a great dishcloth or warm winter hat because the stitch works up to be a fairly thick fabric based on what type of yarn you’re using.

crossed half double crochet

Check back in a little while to see what new project I made with the crossed half double crochet!

As always feel free to leave comments or questions in the comments section below 🙂

Happy crafting!

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