Minion Blanket (Part One)

Hello crafters!

Usually baby projects are fun and quick but this project will take a bit of extra time so I’ve divided it into two tutorials to make it a little bit more manageable. I started this blanket a while ago… (and by while I mean a few years, oops!) I didn’t really have a plan for it and I was just making it for fun. As many time-sensitive projects kept popping up I kept putting this one aside and it was eventually buried in my box of half finished projects.

I thought I would finally drag this project out and finish it once and for all. This minion blanket takes four main steps to complete:

  • Step 1: Make image with small squares
  • Step 2: Fill in the rest of the blanket
  • Step 3: Create border
  • Step 4: Back blanket with fabric

Part one of my tutorial will cover steps 1 and 2. Once you have completed those steps you can head over to PART TWO to do the border and backing!

Let’s get started!

Supplies for your minion blanket

  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn in “blue suede
  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn in “light blue
  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn in “light grey
  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn in “white
  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn in “black
  • Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn in “sunny day
  • Fabric for backing
  • 4mm crochet hook

**One ball of each colour will be plenty, however you will need 2 balls of the light blue as that is what you will be using to fill out the rest of the blanket.

This blanket uses a simple crochet square pattern that is only one round so they are pretty quick to whip up. Here is the pattern:

Minion Blanket Squares

Create magic circle.

Round 1: Chain 3, 2dc into ring. Chain 2. (3DC, chain 2) Repeat ( ) 2 more times so that you have 4 small clusters with ch2 spaces between each one. Close magic ring and slip stitch to top chain 3 from beginning.

minion blanket

Using the pattern above you will need to make the following squares for your minion blanket:

  • 2 x brown
  • 16 x white
  • 25 x black
  • 28 x light blue
  • 24 x light grey
  • 83 x blue suede
  • 110 x sunny day

Arranging the squares of your minion blanket

Once you have completed all of these 288 squares (I counted!) it’s time to arrange them to make your minion! See my diagram below for arrangement of the squares.

minion blanket

This is the chart that I used but if you want to download a clearer PDF version simply click the link below!

Attach all of the squares by slip stitching along the backs of the squares in the back loops only! I found it easiest to connect all the rows going left to right first and then finish it up by slip stitching all the rows up and down.

minion blanket

Once you have connected all of your squares you should have something that looks like this:

minion blanket

Filling in your minion blanket

Now that you have finished the minion image you just need to make the blanket a bigger size by filling in the outside. I used the RedHeart Super Saver in “light blue” that was used for the light blue squares in the image.

Start by working one row of single crochet all the way around the blanket. To ensure that your row is even you will want to work one single crochet in each of the three stitches per square. You will also work one single crochet into each corner stitch. This will give you five single crochet stitches per small square. When you get to the corner of the blanket work (1sc, ch2, 1sc) right into the corner space.

minion blanket

Continue working rounds around the entire blanket until you have completed 20 rounds.

Now you will need to add rows of single crochet just along the longer sides to turn the blanket into a square. I worked an additional 20 rows of single crochet on each of the long sides. If you want to keep the same texture around the whole blanket you will need to tie off after each row and start back at the beginning of the row as opposed to turning and working back along the same edge.

Here’s what your blanket should look like up to this point! Don’t mind the gym equipment; I use my exercise area to block my crochet projects heehee 🙂

I blocked my blanket out at this point just to get a good look at my blanket progress. It’s up to you if you want to block it now or wait until you have finished the border in Part 2!

Now that you have filled in your blanket you have completed part one of the minion blanket tutorial!

Check back soon for part two so you can finish your blanket off. Or better yet sign up for my newsletter so you can have all the latest tutorials (including part two!) delivered straight to your inbox 🙂

Please leave your questions or comments below; I love hearing from you!

Happy crafting!

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