Embroidery, Cross Stitch and Anything Thread!


embroidery stitches
Basic Embroidery Stitches
Hello Crafters! This post is dedicated to anyone who wants to start embroidery. Embroidery is such a fun craft because
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messenger bag
One-Day Messenger Bag
Now that Christmas is done for another year I can finally post tutorials for the gifts that I made this
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pet bandana
Snap-on Pet Bandana
Hello Crafters! Here is a last minute Christmas craft for you! This project is so quick and easy that you
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hook holder
Hook Holder
Hello crafters! This tutorial is for all the sewers and crocheters out there! I love to crochet but I like
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Luggage Tag
Hello Crafters! The best thing about being a crafter is that you can turn literally anything into a crafting oppourtunity.
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cross stitch
How to Cross Stitch
Hello Crafters! I know I’ve been bombarding you with crochet for the past few weeks so let’s take a little
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personalized tag
3 Ways to Sign Your Projects
Hello Crafters! We already know that giving and receiving handmade gifts is fun and exciting, to step it up a
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