Crochet Flower Pillows

Hello Crafters!

I’ve wanted to share these crochet flower pillows for a while now but they were a Christmas gift so I couldn’t safely share them without ruining my sister’s Christmas surprise! Now that I’ve gifted them I’m posting to share with my fellow crafters 🙂

These pillows use the Flower Center Granny Square so head over there to make your squares and when you are ready pop back over here so I can show you how to put it all together! I used nine squares per pillow.

flower pillows

To make two pillows (like I did), you will need 18 flower granny squares.

Step 1:

First you need to connect your nine squares into one giant square. Put two squares together (make sure the fronts of the squares are facing each other so you have the back of the squares facing out).

flower pillows
Use a simple single crochet to connect the squares. I used the white yarn that was used to make the granny squares. Make sure you are putting the hook through only the back loops of each square. This is how I created the white lines between each square. I think it looks cute but if you would prefer that the white doesn’t really show then you can crochet through both loops on each square.

Work a single crochet in each stitch across and when you reach the corners single crochet into the corner spaces. When you reach the end of the square grab two more squares and continue, starting with the corner spaces.

Then grab two more squares and do the same!
At this point you should have six squares connected by one long row of single crochet.

flower pillows

Step 2:

For the last three squares use the same technique that you just used to connect the other six. Line them up face to face with the squares that you have already connected and stitch them together with single crochet through the back loops.

Step 3:

Now go along the back of your squares and seal them up using the same method that you used to connect the first squares. Remember to single crochet into both the stitches and the corner spaces.

After all your squares are connected work a row of single crochet in white around the entire square. (In each corner SC, ch1, SC) This cleans up the edges and will make it easier to connect everything later. Not to mention it makes a pretty design! 🙂

flower pillows

Step 4 (The back of the pillow) :

Connect your blue yarn along the edge of the square. Make sure you have attached an even number of stitches. The back of the pillow is just repeated rows of Crossed Half Double Crochet. Follow my tutorial to learn that stitch. Work that stitch all the way up until you have a back panel that is the same size as the front of the pillow.

flower pillows

Flip your work inside out and single crochet along the edge of the back that you just did and the edge of the flower squares. You should have a pillow cover with just the two sides not connected.

flower pillows

Step 5 (Connecting edges) :

Typically for a pillow I like to connect the edges from the inside of the pillow so that the seam isn’t visible but this pillow will have a border worked around it so I’m going to create the edge seams on the outside of the pillow so that they can double as a foundation row for the border.

flower pillows

Fold the back of the pillow underneath the squares leaving one row of Crossed HDC in the front.

To keep the edges lined up while I’m working on them I like to take clips or clothespins and clip them together. This way you don’t have to worry about getting to the end of the row and realizing that your front and back don’t line up.

Attach your blue yarn to your hook.

Work a row of single crochet into both loops on one of the open sides of your pillow.

Now insert your pillow!

Picking the right pillow for your crochet flower pillows:

(Or any crochet pillow for that matter!) You can buy pillow forms but I find them to be fairly expensive and not very cushy. I bought a firm body pillow and cut it in half then sewed up the edges to make two squares pillows. Sadly I had to sew by hand but if you have a sewing machine that would be super awesome!

The size of your pillow is better on the ‘too big’ side as opposed to maybe being a bit too small. A nice plump pillow will properly stretch out your stitches making your crochet work look its best. Also with a bit of use the pillow will naturally squish down a bit so you want it a bit big to begin with.

Once you’ve stuffed your pillow in there seal up the last edge with a row of single crochet.

I measured my pillowcase to be about 38cm so I made my pillows 40cm square to give a couple of cm of stretch to the pillowcase.

Your pillow might look a bit wonky after you close it up but you just need to punch it and fluff it a little bit to make sure the stuffing is evenly distributed.

Flower Pillow Edging

Time for the finishing touch 🙂

flower pillows

I used a simply picot edging to finish off these pillows to give them a cute flowery theme.

To complete the picot edging you simply single crochet into the first stitch then [slip stitch into the next stitch, ch 5, slip stitch back into the same stitch to close the picot, then single crochet into the next stitch] and repeat the brackets around.

If you are having trouble head over to my more in-depth tutorial on my 3 crochet edgings post. While you’re there you could also try using one of my other edgings on your pillows to give them a different look!

That’s it!

flower pillows

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial 🙂 Let me know in the comments below if you need help with any of the steps. Or you can always email me at if you’re have questions, comments, or concerns 🙂

Happy crafting!

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