Crochet Tutorials and Project Inspiration

twine scrubbies
Twine Scrubbies
Hello crafters! Patterns for crochet scrubbies are turning up all over the internet! Not only is crochet (and crafting in
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pebbles blanket
Pebbles Blanket
I created this blanket pattern for my longtime friend who loves neutrals! I made this pattern baby blanket size as
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poppy pin
Poppy Pin
Hello crafters! This week’s post is a quick and easy project but it is still an important one! Poppy pins
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mandala clutch
Crochet Mandala Clutch
Hello crafters! This tutorial is going to walk you through the process of making your own mandala crochet clutch. It
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minion blanket
Minion Blanket (Part One)
Hello crafters! Usually baby projects are fun and quick but this project will take a bit of extra time so
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crochet hood
How to Crochet a Hood
Hello crafters! This month I have been trying to put together a crochet sweater for my trip to England! I
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crochet bow
Crochet Bow
Hello crafters! This tutorial will show you how to make your own crochet bow! Now you can accessorize your kids,
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crochet blanket
Bits and Bobs Blanket
Hello crafters! I have yet another blanket tutorial to share with you! This one is so quick and easy and
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pocket frisbee
Pocket Frisbee
Hello crafters! Summer is in full swing now so it’s the perfect time to post this tutorial for your own
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Giraffe Toy
Giraffe Amigurumi
Hello Crafters! As obsessed as I am with crochet I never really thought I would create any amigurumi projects. Amigurumi
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soap sock
Soap Sock
Hello crafters! I’ve finally found myself a hobby that doesn’t involve glue, yarn, paint or any other craft supplies. It
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Steering Wheel Cover
Hello crafters, I’ve been looking for ways to accessorize my car lately and one thing I’ve really been on the
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monster baby blanket
Monster Baby Blanket Part Two
Hello Crafters! Welcome back to my Monster Baby Blanket tutorial 🙂 This is part two of the tutorial where we
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How to Make Plarn
Hello crafters! Spring is just around the corner and that means it is time to deep clean the house. One
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monster baby blanket
Monster Baby Blanket Part One
Hello Crafters! This Monster Baby Blanket idea was in my head for a while before I finally brought it to
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temperature blanket
Temperature Blanket Part One
Hello crafters! I’m sure you have all heard of the historical crochet ‘temperature blanket’. If you haven’t let me fill
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flower pot diffuser
Flower Pot Diffuser
Hello crafters! I’m sure most of you already have lots of homemade goodies to make your home cozy and relaxing
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mini flowers
Crochet Mini Flowers
Hello crafters! I’m really excited about this week’s post 🙂 I’m going to show you how to crochet these super
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cottage blanket
Cottage Blanket
Hello Crafters! WOW! I can’t believe it’s -35°C today! Even for Canadians that’s a bit extreme. This type of weather
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flower pillows
Crochet Flower Pillows
Hello Crafters! I’ve wanted to share these crochet flower pillows for a while now but they were a Christmas gift
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bobble ear warmer
Bobble Ear Warmer
Hello Crafters 🙂 This week I’m sharing this awesome bobble ear warmer with you! The great thing about this pattern
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Three Edgings
Crochet Edgings
Finished your crochet project but feel like it’s missing something? That’s where these super easy and attractive crochet edgings come
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crochet winter hat
One Day Crochet Winter Hat
Hello crafters! I’m so excited to share this one day winter hat with you! I’m putting my current projects on
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colour change crochet
Crochet with Multiple Colours
Hello Crafters! Today I’ll show you a super cool technique that is surprisingly easy. I’ve seen a lot of really
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Tulip Stitch
Tulip Stitch
Hello crafters, let me introduce you to the Tulip Stitch! I love this stitch. I used it about a year
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crossed half double crochet
Crossed Half Double Crochet
Hello Crafters! I love the Crossed Half Double Crochet stitch! It is simple and quick and it produces a pretty
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flower center granny square
Flower Center Granny Square
Hello Crafters! It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a crochet tutorial. If you’ve been following my tutorials you
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Crochet Dishcloths
Three Beautiful (And Easy) Crochet Dishcloths
Hello Crafters! Today we will make three beautiful dishcloths using three different (but easy) crochet stitches! First off, if you have never made dishcloths
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Crochet Dreamcatcher
Crochet Dreamcatcher
Good morning crafters! Who else is loving the dreamcatcher trend that is catching on lately? They are everywhere; tattoos, drawings,
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granny square tank top
Easy Granny Square Tank Top
Beginner Granny Square Tank Top
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Belly Dance Hip Scarf Crochet Tutorial
Beginner Belly Dance Hip Scarf
Hello Crafters! Welcome to my first ever Beginner Belly Dance Hip Scarf Crochet Tutorial! If I had to choose my favourite
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Simple Solid Granny Triangle
Crochet tutorial for a simple granny triangle.
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Simple Solid Granny Square
A granny square that is extremely versatile and super simple!
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Double Crochet V-Stitch
How to Create the Double Crochet V-Stitch!
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